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Dead Space with Arrow Keys!

December 22nd, 2008
Dead Space with Arrow Keys

Dead Space with Arrow Keys

Having received Dead Space for my Birthday I was disappointed to find that there was no way to use the arrow keys to play especially since I’m left handed and that is far more natural to me.

However, not being one to give up at the first hurdle Google lead me this page which gives instructions for playing Dead Space with arrow keys using GlovePIE to remap the keys as you press them. It’s a good workaround but it’s simply not ideal.

The file responsible for storing your key mappings is controls.rmp located under “C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space”, so I began examing this file, how it changed depending what the keys were set to and after an hour or two of playing about I discovered not only the offsets storing the Up/Down/Left/Right key mappings but also the correct values for the arrow keys – AND THEY WORK.

To make these changes for yourself you’ll need a hex editor like XVI32, set the following values at the following offsets in the controls.rmp file (OFFSET:VALUE):-

5C: CB
AC: D0
14C: C8
23C: CD

Now save the file and load up Dead Space, you should find you’re now able to use the arrow keys to move around. Alternatively if that’s too much like hard work you can download my pre-modified controls.rmp file below which is set to use the arrow keys – simply customise the other keys how you would like.

Download: controls.rmp.

If you’d like to use the Enter/Return key as your reload key, make the following change using XVI32:-

E8: 1C

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  1. Leonidas
    | #1

    @Rolling Sten
    Great work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! 🙂

  2. | #2

    I read and read here … other than trying to use Glovepie … if I cant sit at my chair and have my right hand on my mouse and move forward and zap the baddies with my right hand’s left finger … I have no desire to play this game … its eating up space on my hard drive … it’s going bye bye … Dead Space 2 … there is a update patch for it … and it does address people who want to use the mouse RMB to move forward … cheers to EA for that patch … I just finished Crysis 2 a few days ago … I’m looking forward to finding another game to play now … 🙂

  3. | #3

    BIG Problem. My Deadspace Footstomp doesnt work.. Hit the key.. Nothing!
    Any ideas of a fix? Thanks 🙂

  4. Joe
    | #4

    Uggg this thing. Changing keys shouldn’t be this needlessly and tediously difficult. Thanks EA.

  5. Mike
    | #5

    I am having a similar problem except I am trying to change wasd to 2456 on the numpad. Only thing is I dont understand how to do it, and I dont understand what or where offset:value is. Can you help?

  6. Fenobius Cornpile
    | #6

    think yor for do good think on my gayme
    i can be happy now of playeing gaem
    i playe it now
    think u

  7. vijayakumar
    | #7

    sry guys….. any one plz explain how to enter offset value…?

  8. hippy*
    | #8

    Thank you.

  9. Curtomer Mug number 5
    | #9

    Its a time suck trying to figure the mysteries within enigmas of this left-handers necessary keypad fix. But its so damned irritatingly awkward and contradictory every site you read about it, that I would rather smash rocks with a sledgehammer until my hands bleed.
    Stuff you Dead Space. I will never buy any of your later games.nn1nn1nn1

  10. 5hady_uk
    | #10

    Brilliant, nearly 6 years on and this works … game is superb too thx so much always use up,down,left, & right for my actions, always will … cheers

  11. John Hall
    | #11

    in this day and age when indie devs can map keys anywhere, this game needs a mod.

    this game and sleeping dogs.

    good thing i got them free as i wont bother.

    thanks for the heads up though if i ever try it.

  12. Jack
    | #12

    Thanks, great:) Played and play all games, buy never finish this one.
    till I read this. Same here, play for 30 years,and always use the arrow keys 🙂

  13. The Lorax
    | #13


    In the same order, use the values at offsets 5C, AC, 14C, 23C to 4B 4C 48 4D

    That sets the movement keys to KP4, KP5, KP8, KP6 corresponding to ASWD in that order

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