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Dead Space with Arrow Keys!

December 22nd, 2008
Dead Space with Arrow Keys

Dead Space with Arrow Keys

Having received Dead Space for my Birthday I was disappointed to find that there was no way to use the arrow keys to play especially since I’m left handed and that is far more natural to me.

However, not being one to give up at the first hurdle Google lead me this page which gives instructions for playing Dead Space with arrow keys using GlovePIE to remap the keys as you press them. It’s a good workaround but it’s simply not ideal.

The file responsible for storing your key mappings is controls.rmp located under “C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space”, so I began examing this file, how it changed depending what the keys were set to and after an hour or two of playing about I discovered not only the offsets storing the Up/Down/Left/Right key mappings but also the correct values for the arrow keys – AND THEY WORK.

To make these changes for yourself you’ll need a hex editor like XVI32, set the following values at the following offsets in the controls.rmp file (OFFSET:VALUE):-

5C: CB
AC: D0
14C: C8
23C: CD

Now save the file and load up Dead Space, you should find you’re now able to use the arrow keys to move around. Alternatively if that’s too much like hard work you can download my pre-modified controls.rmp file below which is set to use the arrow keys – simply customise the other keys how you would like.

Download: controls.rmp.

If you’d like to use the Enter/Return key as your reload key, make the following change using XVI32:-

E8: 1C

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  1. James Douglas
    | #1

    Hi Kenny, your a star, worked lie a dream! One of my biggest gripes about the computer game industry is the lack of thought for us ‘Lefties’ especially joystick and steering systems!!!!
    Have a great Christmas, I’ll be shitting myself playing Dead Space!
    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia

  2. Paluan
    | #2

    I preffer this config
    to walk (Thanks for the Tip was verry helpfull)
    5C: CB
    AC: D0
    14C: C8
    23C: CD

    I decide use Enter key to use and pickup thinks
    (9C is for KeyPad Enter Key)
    70: 1C
    71: 9C (use /get)

    189: 1C (TK Module)

    and ESC to leave menus
    201: 01

    Thanks Again for the tips

  3. | #3

    Yep, 9C is keypad entry.

    Basically (or not) these hex numbers are just keyboard scan codes, see:-


    Except where the keyboard scan code is escaped with E0 (as is the case with KeyPad Enter and the arrow keys etc…) they appear to have added 80h so for example “E0 48” is Up, however the code for the controls.rmp file is C8 (48h + 80h).

    Thanks for the feedback, good to know it works for other people!

  4. Don Boles
    | #4

    Thanks, you saved the day. I was going to shelve this game until EA did something to correct this major insult. I’ve been playing first and third person shooters since the beginning and this is the first I’ve seen that locks out the arrow keys.

  5. Geheime
    | #5

    Have you found a way to reassign the RIG keys? (marked red in the control settings). I tried to find the offsets but didn’t manage to do so. I suspect those settings aren’t kept in the control.rmp file.

    The reason I want to reassign the RIG keys is that BOTH my character AND the highlighted cell in the RIG move at the same time, when I use the arrow keys.

  6. | #6

    @Geheime: Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing and unfortunately it seems that you’re right, I can’t see these mappings in the controls.rmp file either.

    The only workaround I can suggest is using the keypad arrow keys (KP 2,4,6,8) while in the RIG which won’t be “double mapped” to your character movements.

    I’ll keep looking but it doesn’t seem promising!

  7. Geheime
    | #7

    Well, I’m playing on a notebook without a keypad, but I think I can manage to do it. I’ll just have to reassign the mapping under “8”. (2,4 and 6 are under K,U and O, and I don’t need those keys).

  8. Yi.K.H
    | #8

    Thanks Kenny, now I can walk with keypad-arrow keys as I always do, with this.
    5C: 4B
    AC: 50
    14C: 48
    23C: 4D

  9. Joe
    | #9

    Dude you are a lifesaver! I was ready to scrap this game and found your post. Everything works great. Used Paluan’s code to map Enter key as well. Thanks to you all.

  10. NLS
    | #10

    erm… I don’t have this file in my (Vista) computer… searched everywhere in fact

  11. SL
    | #11


    Same here (also on Vista)…seems the Vista-people will have to stick with GlovePIE :(

  12. | #12

    Apparently the location of this file on Windows Vista is as follows:-

    “C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Dead Space”

    As with Windows XP you’ll to make sure hidden files are shown.

    Good luck!

  13. Jonathan
    | #13


    So glad to see there’s hope on this one, being a lefty I have the same prob as most of you guys! But PROBLEM!


    In the place where you say (C:\Documents and Settings\Jonathan Rudd\My Documents\Electronic Arts\Dead Space) for me, even with hidden files shown, all there is here is a file called ‘joypad example’ : /

    I have XP.

    I’ve looked in similar folders but this is the one with Dead Space in. I’ve looked in the installation folder(s) too. The file I need to change isn’t there either. I’d rather do it this way than use GlovePie but I have that as a last resort.

    Any help?

    Cheers, J

  14. | #14

    That’s not the place I said… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The location you need is *not* under My Documents, see below:-

    “C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space”

    Hope this helps!

  15. Jonathan
    | #15


    Um, I pasted in the address you put above and just added my log on name and put the file from you in that folder and WHAMMY. Works! Thanks!

  16. Josh
    | #16

    That rmp file mention mouse smoothing, Kenny? Even with vsync forced off, the mouse smoothing is a bitch. :(

  17. killer.yoshi
    | #17

    This fixed my mouse problems:
    – turn off vsync
    – To increase the sensitivity beyond the maximum, go to “C:\Users\”USER-NAME”\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Dead Space” (WinVista) and open “settings.txt”. Edit the line with mouse sensitivity from 1.00000000 to something like 1.5 or 2.0 like shown below:
    Control.MouseSensitivity = 1.70000000


  18. Deadkeys
    | #18

    Thanks for doing us arrow fans a great favor.
    A little more help if you don’t mind.
    I would like to have Enter (1C) bind as Pickup key.
    I’ve downloaded the XVI32 Hex tool but I don’t understand where to change the text.

    If you have a Rmp file allready set with 1C please upload it.

    Thanks and happy new year to ya all

  19. Mordred
    | #19

    Deadkeys… take a look bottom left of the XVI32 window, where it says ADR HEX: it will give you numbers and letters.

    Basically (and this should serve as reference for everyone who does not know, on how to read hex keys) a hexadecimal number is a bunch of digits and letters that represent numbers from 0 to 16. Unfortunately, Hexadecimal does not recognize any numbers after 9, so they get turned into letters, a through f. We use Base 10 numbers which is why 10 is TEN, but in hex, 10 is SEVENTEEN. I know it seems convoluted but I am going to try to explain it in rice and beans terms.

    If you click on the first box on the left hand side of the window, the value will be 0 on the bottom right hand side ADR HEX. If you keep clocking to the boxes right of the next one it will increase in numbers from 0 through 9, but where it should be number 10, you’ll find that ADR HEX will display an A.

    So, you don’t need to learn this, but as a point of reference, from numbers 0 through 9 is ok, but number 10 is really A, 11 is really B, 12 is really C, until you get to F which is really 16. In hex, when you go one step after F (which is square 16) and go to the next one, you need to carry the number to the LEFT, or 10. Now, 10 in hex does not mean TEN… it means SEVENTEEN. 11 is the EIGHTEEN square, and as such 1A is the TWENTYSEVENTH square. Once you get to 1F where do you go?


    Get the idea?

    If you look on the bottom left corner of the screen, youll see de ADR HEX changing when you click on the squares. THIS number that changes on the bottom is what they’re calling the OFFSET. The VALUE is what you will be changing inside the little box. Keep clicking on the boxes using the ADR HEX bottom right hand side to guide you where the OFFSET would be and CHANGE the value in the box by clicking on it once and highlighting it, then type the new value there.

    remember that everything that goes after 9 has to be a LETTER until you reach F and then carry a one to the left, as such:

    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 20, 21, 22, and so on…

    When you get to FF, what goes after it? You got it, 100

    Hope this helps, as I don’t know how to make it much more simpler… if anyone else knows then by all means go ahead, edit my post or delete it in favor of yours :)

  20. EvilNoodle
    | #20

    Ta very muchly

  21. Gareth Roberts
    | #21

    hi this application sounds great but does it help to be able to ues the mouse to move forward on the left button and fire on the right button

  22. anirban
    | #22

    C:\Users\your user id\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts for vista user and to see control.rmp change few key config it would pop up in the directory then simply replace

  23. bubba
    | #23

    i still dont get it..i opened the controls.rmp file with XVI32 but it all
    looks like jibberish to me :(

  24. | #24

    The easiest method is just to download the controls.rmp file that I provided in the original post and then (re-)customise your other key bindings however you wish. :)

  25. lhaymehr
    | #25

    I can finally play the game now. I tried doing this before but was expecting ASCII codes. Scan codes didn’t cross my mind, plus those escape pairs confused me. Thanks!

  26. mousy
    | #26

    Is there any chance someone can describe how to edit the rmps for mouse keys? eg: left click, right click? (USB mouse)

  27. [skaarj]
    | #27

    Thanks for the post man! I would like to ask you something: can you do a table with each offset and the assigned function?

    Until now I understand only these codes. I will have to search for the others, but I am in trouble with mouse codes – I still cannot find them.

    offset 5C = move forward
    offset AC = move back
    offset 14C = move left
    offset 23C = move right

    offset 189 = tk module
    offset 201 = leave menus

    I will keep googling about this, but if you do have any knowledge about this mapping, please share it. I will write a full tutorial about mapping other keys.

  28. | #28

    Here’s a simple way to find the offsets for yourself… (Tested under XP.)

    Make a copy of the controls.rmp, call it say, controls.old. Then load up the game, and change ONE key binding for something you want to know the offset for. Save and quit the game.

    Now run the following command in a command prompt:-

    fc /b controls.old controls.rmp

    It’ll probably output a few changes. There’ll be 1-3 (IIRC) near the very start of the file with very low offsets, ignore those. I think it’s some kind of timestamp but I’ve no idea.

    The final change should show the offset for the key binding you just changed with the new scancode… (you can verify this if you change it to a known scancode…)


  29. David C
    | #29

    Kenny, firstly thank you for rescuing this game for me……I gave up trying with the WASD. Great work and thanks for your patience with us all.

    Can you explain your comment below? I am trying to map the right mouse to walk and the left mouse to fire. I have tried doing what you suggest by making and oldcontrol.rmp, but I’m not sure what to do in the command line. I couldn’t get this command to work. I’m not even sure the mouse keys will show as a change (?)

    fc /b controls.old controls.rmp


  30. PeterRJG
    | #30

    Mate, I can’t thank you enough for this fix. Electronic Arts continue to blow me away with their mindless ‘my way or the highway attitude’.

  31. William P
    | #31

    Kenny, thanks so much for this – after some trial and error and that great keymap link I got my customized keymap set up.

    Quick question, you wouldn’t happen to have the defaults mapped out would you?

    Aka default up =
    Default down =

    Thanks again mate – absolutely brilliant!

  32. Maxim
    | #32

    @David C
    Hi mate, have you sorted this mice set up? I’m not even gona play this game unless I can modify my right mice to run and left to shoot… Also does anybody know if there is a way to swich to first person view in this game? The fird person from the back staff is really ennoing, so far I feel like I shouldn’t have bought that EA crap…

  33. quicsilver
    | #33


    sorry to be a pain but I still cant seem to locate the controls.rmp file even after enabling hidden folders. The file is just not there. I want to place the file provided in the folder but i am afraid it might mess things up while the games running. Heres a screenshot of the folder:


    Let me know if anyone can help. thanks

  34. Timmy84
    | #34

    Hey everyone, I checked a load of forums on the subject “Dead Space control bug”, but haven’t come up with one that helped me with my problem:

    The controls in Dead Space seem to have a constant input of the ‘up’ and ‘left’ controls: in the game the camera continuously turns up and left, going out of control. The only thing to do is slide the mouse down and right in an effort to keep the view steady, but the second you stop it spins in circles to the ceiling again, making it simply impossible to play.

    I tried reinstalling my mouse, checking for control options, even changed the visual settings all around; nothing has effect.
    For the rest it works fine; running on a 2.4 gig Quadcore, with 4G Ram and an ATI Radeon 4870 512mb, it runs like a freighttrain on steroids, even on the highest settings.

    Did anyone else come around this problem, and/or knows how to get rid of it..?

    Greetz, Tim.

  35. WiredEarp
    | #35

    Timmy84 – I had the same issue. I believe its something to do with joystick detection, as once I unplugged my Logitech joystick I didn’t have the problem anymore. I’d unplug all input devices except your keyboard/mouse, then see if you still have that issue.

  36. Will J
    | #36

    Fantastic work Kenny! It seems theres more arrow key game players out there than most realise.

    Your “controls.rmp” should be a mandatory addition on the Deadspace disc so arrow players at least “have a choice”.

    Thanks again.

  37. Muster
    | #37

    Guys is there any way to map right mouse click to ” move forward” using the hex editing method described above by Kenny? I play every game with this as my default bind so I need to be able to change it. Without this, I cant play the game and I REALLY want to play this game. :(

    I cant understand why basic keyboard/mouse mapping is not supported properly by the game. Its not exactly rocket science.

    Any advice greatly appreciated….


  38. | #38


    I’m afraid as best as I can tell this isn’t possible. I was able to get the basic controls config screen to show the right mouse button as being move forward but in the game this didn’t actually make the character move forward. :(

    It’s slightly more complicated to set the mouse bindings, but it’s done as follows…

    1. Set the offset to 00 (e.g. in the case of move forward that’s 14C).
    2. Set the offset 8h later to 01 (e.g. in the case of move forward that’s 154).

    The above procedure sets for the left mouse button, to make it the right mouse button also perform step 3 below.

    3. Set the offset 9h later to 01 (e.g. in the case of move forward that’s 155).

    That procedure will make the game show right mouse = move forward in the options menu but the right mouse button will fail to actually generate the desired movement.

    Sorry. :/

    (It could be worth seeing if GlovePIE is able to accomplish this.)

  39. Muster
    | #39

    Thanks for your reply Kenny.

    Really disappointed to hear there’s no way around this issue. :(

    I would NEVER have bought this game if I was aware of this issue beforehand. Pity I cant return it or else I would have.

    Guess I will just move on to some other game…


  40. | #40


    You could try GlovePIE with this forum post.

  41. Muster
    | #41


    Kenny I have only one word for you – LIFESAVER!!!

    I am playing DS right now using Glovepie. It WORKED great! :)

    No thanks to EA though. All thanks to YOU, GlovePie and “helloImMark”. :)


  42. Ravenger
    | #42

    Just like to give you a big thank-you for this Kenny. I’m left handed too and I’ve always used the arrow keys for movement.

    One of the things that put me off this game (as well as the DRM) was the lack of arrow key support, so I put off buying it, even though I really wanted to play it.

    However I found out about your arrow key fix, and recently saw the game the game on sale mega cheap, and so I bought it and your fix works perfectly!

    Along with the other fixes like tweaking the mouse sensitivity up beyond its normal limits in the config file, and forcing vsync in the graphics card settings this fix has made the game as playable as it should have been in the first place.

    I couldn’t – wouldn’t – have played this game without your fix, so again many thanks!

  43. | #43

    Thank you ever so much. You have made Dead Space Playable for a Handicapped person without your key fix with the aarrows I would not be able to play the game!

  44. MagicaDio
    | #44

    Thanks a lot, Kenny !!!
    For me is normal to play with arrows, otherwise I wouldn’t play this game.


  45. Ellas1821
    | #45

    what if you prefer using the key pad arrows? how do we edit the control file to do that?

  46. | #46

    Try the following:-

    5C: 4B
    AC: 50
    14C: 48
    23C: 4D
  47. Lithos
    | #47

    This is absolutely necessary for people like me who only use the arrow keys. Thank you very much for this walkthrough. Awesome!

    People like you make all the difference in the world! People who care to share and therefore help the others. I wouldn’t play this game if not for this; and now that I’m playing it I can say that it is no more no less than AAA fun! Simply amazing!

  48. Kilihari
    | #48

    Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I have re-mapped all of the number pad buttons to my usual spec and also remapped the arrow keys, took me a couple hours to get everything perfect, it was my first time using a hex editor. My friends, if this is your first time doing something like this, just use your head and everything will be fine, if you run into any problems, post them here, these people are really knowledgeable, wow, I am really impressed, honestly, left handed people have it hard sometimes I swear, especially when you can’t find the green-handle scissors, stupid scissors! Because I am a perfectionist(as we all are, cuz left-handed people are awesome-o! and cool!), I tried to remap the keys for the “RIG Mode Controls,” but they are not in that file, I tried to find out where they were, but I couldn’t but the game functions well enough even with a couple of dual-mapped controls so all is good. Again, thank you!

  49. aviator
    | #49

    big thanks kenny!!! i prefer walking with the arrow keys as well
    (although right handed ;))

    big thanks Mordred for the tutorial!
    i was able to create a controls.rmp myself!

  50. Jonathon
    | #50

    Another ex-frustrated leftie who only just found this.

    EA 0, Kenny 1

    Thanks a bunch. :)))

  51. Chris
    | #51


    I downloaded this game through steam and would like to apply the arrow key fix but am not sure how…

    Jesus bless you!

  52. blah
    | #52

    FYI, for people using the GlovePIE-based solution, here’s a more comprehensive fix which solves both the key binding issue and the mouse sensitivity issue. Note that there’s also a mouse ‘lag’ issue solved by disabling V-sync.

    Copy/Paste the following:

    /* Key bindings – Force use of numpad */
    Key.W = Keyboard.NUMPAD8
    Key.A = Keyboard.NUMPAD4
    Key.S = Keyboard.NUMPAD2
    Key.D = Keyboard.NUMPAD6

    /* Mouse sensitivity multiplier */
    var.X.magnify = 2
    var.Y.magnify = 2

    if(var.X.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputX) {
    var.X.newVal = mouse.DirectInputX + (var.X.magnify-1)*(mouse.DirectInputX – var.X.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputX = var.X.newVal
    var.X.oldVal = var.X.newVal
    if(var.Y.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputX) {
    var.Y.newVal = mouse.DirectInputX + (var.Y.magnify-1)*(mouse.DirectInputX – var.Y.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputX = var.Y.newVal
    var.Y.oldVal = var.Y.newVal

  53. blah
    | #53

    Erm sorry major typo… In last IF block, should be DirectInputY. Re-posted to avoid confusion:

    /* Key bindings – Force use of numpad */
    Key.W = Keyboard.NUMPAD8
    Key.A = Keyboard.NUMPAD4
    Key.S = Keyboard.NUMPAD2
    Key.D = Keyboard.NUMPAD6

    /* Mouse sensitivity multiplier */
    var.X.magnify = 2
    var.Y.magnify = 2

    if(var.X.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputX) {
    var.X.newVal = mouse.DirectInputX + (var.X.magnify-1)*(mouse.DirectInputX – var.X.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputX = var.X.newVal
    var.X.oldVal = var.X.newVal
    if(var.Y.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputY) {
    var.Y.newVal = mouse.DirectInputY + (var.Y.magnify-1)*(mouse.DirectInputY – var.Y.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputY = var.Y.newVal
    var.Y.oldVal = var.Y.newVal

  54. blah
    | #54

    LULZ…Alright, after a bit more play I’ve made another couple improvements (call it v0.3).

    – Mouse sensitivity seems to get dramatically reduced when you’re moving or aiming
    – Mouse sensitivity seems to be affected by where your position(?!) within a particular room.
    – I wanted a ‘sticky’ RUN key (Hit “R”…Assumes run is bound to Numpad9)

    * Key bindings

    /* Force use of numpad keys */
    Key.W = Keyboard.NUMPAD8
    Key.A = Keyboard.NUMPAD4
    Key.S = Keyboard.NUMPAD2
    Key.D = Keyboard.NUMPAD6

    /* Sticky RUN key – Assume NUM9 is run */
    if(Pressed(Keyboard.R)) {

    * Mouse Sensitivity Hack(s)

    /* Initialization */
    if(var.state.initialized == 0) {
    var.state.initialized = 1
    var.X.magBase = 2
    var.X.magAmp = 2
    var.Y.magBase = 2
    var.Y.magAmp = 2
    var.X.magnify = var.X.magBase
    var.Y.magnify = var.Y.magBase

    /* Use ‘-‘ and ‘+’ to adjust magBase */
    if(Pressed(Keyboard.Equals)) {
    var.X.magBase = var.X.magBase + 0.25
    var.Y.magBase = var.Y.magBase + 0.25
    } else if (Pressed(Keyboard.Minus)) {
    var.X.magBase = |(var.X.magBase – 0.25)|
    var.Y.magBase = |(var.Y.magBase – 0.25)|

    /* Use ‘{‘ and ‘}’ to adjust magAmp */
    if(Pressed(Keyboard.RightBracket)) {
    var.X.magAmp = var.X.magAmp + 0.25
    var.Y.magAmp = var.Y.magAmp + 0.25
    } else if (Pressed(Keyboard.LeftBracket)) {
    var.X.magAmp = |(var.X.magAmp – 0.25)|
    var.Y.magAmp = |(var.Y.magAmp – 0.25)|

    /* Calculate mouse magnification factor */
    if(Keyboard.NUMPAD8 or Keyboard.NUMPAD4 or Keyboard.NUMPAD2 or Keyboard.NUMPAD6 or mouse.RightButton) {
    var.X.magnify = var.X.magAmp*var.X.magBase
    var.Y.magnify = var.Y.magAmp*var.Y.magBase
    } else {
    var.X.magnify = var.X.magBase
    var.Y.magnify = var.Y.magBase

    /* Mouse sensitivity hack */
    if(var.X.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputX) {
    var.X.newVal = var.X.oldVal + var.X.magnify*(mouse.DirectInputX – var.X.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputX = var.X.newVal
    var.X.oldVal = var.X.newVal
    if(var.Y.oldVal != mouse.DirectInputY) {
    var.Y.newVal = var.Y.oldVal + var.Y.magnify*(mouse.DirectInputY – var.Y.oldVal)
    mouse.DirectInputY = var.Y.newVal
    var.Y.oldVal = var.Y.newVal

  55. Mel
    | #55

    My C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space
    Folder is empty!?

  56. trioptimum
    | #56

    can somebody build up some little tool which creates a proper controls.rmp? a thing of an utility which allows the user to define the keys he wants. should be no big problem, right? unfortunately i am no programmer.

  57. | #57

    Mel :

    My C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space
    Folder is empty!?

    1. Vista or XP?
    2. Steam or retail box?
    3. Have you customised any keys yet?

    trioptimum :

    can somebody build up some little tool which creates a proper controls.rmp? a thing of an utility which allows the user to define the keys he wants. should be no big problem, right? unfortunately i am no programmer.

    You’re right, it’s not that tricky but equally there’s also no real need. Configuring keys is mainly a one or two time job so spending the time writing such a utility is wasted effort given it’s trivial to setup the arrow keys to do what you want by either following the instructions in this blog post or downloading the provided controls.rmp file.

  58. Rolling Sten
    | #58

    Hi all, thanks for the key tip… I made some program for configuring Dead Space keys (and mouse buttons, but i don’t know, how use middle button)… It should self-locate right configuration file (tried only on XP) and is only prototype… i need feedback from you.


    P.S.: I’m sorry for my English

  59. Luchen
    | #59

    Hey, does anyone know if you can set up your “right” and “left” key to rotate you view to the right or left? I like this setting so much better and strafing with “supr” and “avpag”

  60. Luchen
    | #60

    Also i can’t seem to rotate my view while moving which is terribad.

  61. pece
    | #61

    thank u very much:)

  62. deadspace player
    | #62

    i put your control thing in there and i still cant, where exactly do i put it?

  63. deadspace player
    | #63

    and i have it on steam

  64. deadspace player
    | #64

    @Rolling Sten

    And there are some spelling errors too like “ritgh” i guessed that was right

  65. TheStoryteller01
    | #65

    Thank you sooooo much. For over a year now I refused to play this game because of those &%$ยง”! controls but you finally made it possible :)

  66. Siej
    | #66

    amazing u guys….Kenny and also RollingSten

  67. James
    | #67

    Thank you so much, you just made an unplayable game playable. It’s insane that these people only think about themselves. Why limit us all to the same preference. You kick ass whoever you are for finding this!!!

  68. aleias
    | #68

    thanks man, you saved my day

  69. Nathan
    | #69

    I’m really disappointed – this game looks good but we have a serious problem with this (non-) mapping. I’d never even thought about what it’s like if you’re left handed. My problem’s similar. I set up on the numerical keypad (can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t). It’s better ergonomically. I don’t have to move my hand – like playing the recorder, if you see what I mean, and so what if I have to push my keyboard out to the left a bit. And that I cannot map this game the way I need to means I’m likely just to add it to my collection. It’s just so crazy: what is the point of even putting key-mapping in your Options – if alternative keys are not available!? So disappointed.

  70. Nathan
    | #70

    Yes, and I meant to say – that was a public service, that work-around, nice work! ๐Ÿ˜€ Pity I’m not quite smart enough :(

  71. Gerhard
    | #71

    Thx a million for this it works great..

  72. cammy
    | #72

    @Rolling Sten

    I used your exe rolling sten and it works, however I try to remap move forward to mouse 1 and it doesn’t work ingame, however the other buttons I assigned to the mouse work. Any help you could offer would be apreciated.

  73. Chris
    | #73

    @Rolling Sten
    I was born without a right hand, but have a stump that can easily use the arrow keys and keys near that area, i own in first person online games, Cs:source, BF2 Bad Company, Halfl-life, ect. Been playin games since Duke3d, Anyhow, I makes me so sad when they don’t bother to do some basic coding for keys. I am truly grateful for your .exe Rolling Sten. this game looks so awesome and I was very sad to see the keys were not configurable. I’m in your debt!! I would donate $$ for your program! Thanks a lot !! Cheers to you!@

  74. Chris
    | #74


    The program works great, however I went to http://www.rolsten.wz.cz just to see the site and I got a virus Trojan warning, kinda messed up.

  75. lee
    | #75

    Since placing the key map file it in the correct folder i can also now change key mapping in game without any problems too.
    Being left handed and some one who always uses the arrow keys and buttons around the arrow keys for my PC shooters this has been a godsend.
    Many thanks indeed

  76. thrall
    | #76

    i have a problem

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dead Space

    but i dont have a local settings, i have a userdata but i dont have application data….i instale a game for disk D: not C:

    so where controls.rmp copy?! which folder?

  77. Jason Turner
    | #77

    Hi there – still having problems finding the right path/correct folder under Windows 7 to do all of this (using Steam too).

    Any help is appreciated.

  78. Lithos
    | #78

    I am pre-loading Dead Space 2 right now in the EADM (Electronic Arts Download Manager).

    Any clues as if this sequel will also block the arrow keys (demanding another hacked file)?

    If so, PLEASE, give us another controls.rmp or equivalent: playing any game with that atrocious WASD setting is unthinkable.

    Thanks a whole bunch Kenny. :)

  79. justix
    | #79

    will this work in remap the right mouse button to walk? I cannot believe it they did it again…this is seriuosly a kick in the nuts for the money I spent for this game and not being able (again) to remap the mouse button the way that I and every single customer would like to play the damn game…really arrogant !!

  80. Brian
    | #80

    I don’t know you, will probably never meet you, and will likely never post here again, but I’ve just got to say THANK YOU!!!

    I couldn’t believe how FUBAR Dead Space’s controls were and I was ready to chalk up the $20 I wasted on it as a learning experience (look beyond a couple of reviews before you buy). But now I can actually play the game…woohoo!

    However, I won’t be buying Dead Space 2 under any circumstances–one shouldn’t have to rely on the kindness and ingenuity of strangers for a game to be playable–shame on you EA!

    Anyway, thanks again Kenny!

  81. Rui Valadares
    | #81

    Evening. I’m amazed at your detective skills! Well done! I’ve looked far and wide for a way to re-map the keys for playing Dead Space. I did finish the game before though, but totaly detest the non-configurable directionals.
    Having already finished Dead Space 2 (fortunatelly doesn’t force you to the WASD nonsense), I really want to retread the Ishimura and experience the horror, with proper controls for a change.
    I just downloaded the GlovePIE and am looking forward to trying it tomorrow.

    Thank you

  82. TheUnbeholden
    | #82

    Hi Kenny.

    Dead Space 2 has similar problem to Dead Space 1, you can remap any key except for the mouse keys… it only allows you to remap the mouse keys for very few of the controls for some reason.

    You can’t remap the mouse keys for

    -TK Module
    -Stasis Gun
    -Zero-g jump
    -Zero-g align
    -Foot stomp
    -Quick heal
    -Quick stasis
    -none of the Necro controls (except for secondary attack)
    -Move forward, backward, left, right.

    I’m wondering whether or not its possible to remap mouse keys through your method for Dead Space 2, it might work.

    Dead Space 2 has a controls.rmp file in a slightly different place, but its there.

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\EA Games\Dead Space 2

    I would like to know what are the (OFFSET:VALUE) for each of those actions in Dead Space 2, so you can use them for mouse 1, 2 or 3.

    I hope you will read this as it may fix quite a few problems people are having with their controls for the mouse. Regards TheUnbeholden.

  83. TheUnbeholden
    | #83


    C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Local Settings\Application Data\EA Games\Dead Space 2

    Oops I forgot the “your username” part.

    Regards TheUnbeholden.

  84. Michael Halsall
    | #84

    I cant believe those incompetent bastards never patched this. I have had bad experiences with EA for many years but seriously how can they be so lazy?? It would take an idiot 5 minutes to fix this with the information you guys have provided yet they can’t be bothered.
    I regret buying this game because even though it might be a great game.. I will still be royally pissed off all the way through that they did this so I won’t enjoy it.

  85. Woodman
    | #85

    I am running Windows 7

    controls.rmp does not get created until you make at least one change to the controls settings within the game.

    On my computer the file is located here:

    C:\Users\roger\AppData\Local\Electronic Arts\Dead Space

    AppData is a hidden folder. You will need to show hidden files in explorer. Tools -> Folder Options -> View

  86. Isaac
    | #86

    First of all, thank you Kenny. Without you, Dead Space would have been unplayable.

    Secondly, it’s a shame that Dead Space 2 has nearly the exact same problem yet there’s no info on how to assign mouse buttons to actions. I’ve tried mapping mouse buttons to keystrokes in my IntelliPoint mouse driver, but the responsiveness is such crud that the mouse click often doesn’t even register. Neither GlovePIE nor ghotkey worked for me last time, so it looks like I’ll end up playing it without the middle and side buttons, which is a pain. To make matters more irritating, Dead Space 2 still has that stupid limitation of not letting you assign a single key to multiple, mutually-exclusive actions. Geez.

    Lastly, for anyone on Windows 7 or Windows Vista still reading, the simplest way to open the folder containing controls.rmp is to open the Start menu, paste the appropriate address into the search box and press Enter:

    %LocalAppData%\Electronic Arts\Dead Space\
    %LocalAppData%\EA Games\Dead Space 2\

  87. campdude
    | #87

    THANKS SOOO MUCH Rolling Sten

    IT WORKED!!! KEY PAD is now in the settings.

  88. lost in the dead space
    | #88

    thanks a lot, dude!

  89. Gift
    | #89

    U rock, dude. Thanks.

  90. Bastard Child
    | #90

    Kenny you rock!

    I’ve just gotten around to installing Dead Space 1, here’s what I’ve found so far:


  91. Bastard Child
    | #91

    And a detailed post on how to change it:


  92. Leonidas
    | #93

    @Rolling Sten
    Great work. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! :)

  93. | #94

    I read and read here … other than trying to use Glovepie … if I cant sit at my chair and have my right hand on my mouse and move forward and zap the baddies with my right hand’s left finger … I have no desire to play this game … its eating up space on my hard drive … it’s going bye bye … Dead Space 2 … there is a update patch for it … and it does address people who want to use the mouse RMB to move forward … cheers to EA for that patch … I just finished Crysis 2 a few days ago … I’m looking forward to finding another game to play now … :-)

  94. | #95

    BIG Problem. My Deadspace Footstomp doesnt work.. Hit the key.. Nothing!
    Any ideas of a fix? Thanks :)

  95. Joe
    | #96

    Uggg this thing. Changing keys shouldn’t be this needlessly and tediously difficult. Thanks EA.

  96. Mike
    | #97

    I am having a similar problem except I am trying to change wasd to 2456 on the numpad. Only thing is I dont understand how to do it, and I dont understand what or where offset:value is. Can you help?

  97. Fenobius Cornpile
    | #98

    think yor for do good think on my gayme
    i can be happy now of playeing gaem
    i playe it now
    think u

  98. vijayakumar
    | #99

    sry guys….. any one plz explain how to enter offset value…?

  99. hippy*
    | #100

    Thank you.

  100. Curtomer Mug number 5
    | #101

    Its a time suck trying to figure the mysteries within enigmas of this left-handers necessary keypad fix. But its so damned irritatingly awkward and contradictory every site you read about it, that I would rather smash rocks with a sledgehammer until my hands bleed.
    Stuff you Dead Space. I will never buy any of your later games.nn1nn1nn1

  101. 5hady_uk
    | #102

    Brilliant, nearly 6 years on and this works … game is superb too thx so much always use up,down,left, & right for my actions, always will … cheers

  102. John Hall
    | #103

    in this day and age when indie devs can map keys anywhere, this game needs a mod.

    this game and sleeping dogs.

    good thing i got them free as i wont bother.

    thanks for the heads up though if i ever try it.

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